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Saturday, December 09, 2023
Welcome to the Minnesota Criminal Justice Statute Service.

The Statute Service provides a search tool intended for use by criminal justice professionals and the Public for finding specific Minnesota Criminal Justice Statutes for charging and sentencing purposes.

The Statute Service also provides a computer to computer web service interface for criminal justice agencies to consume and integrate statute information with other products. Click the Web Service tab for more information.

The statute information provided by the Statute Service is public information and may be shared with criminal justice agency personnel and the general public as needed for criminal justice and non-criminal justice purposes.

Statute database was last updated on 11/28/2023 8:49:21 AM

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  • Revisor Instruction 2023 c52 art6 s16. Changed "one year" to "364 days" as corrections
  • Cannabis criminal penalties for sale, possession, cultivation in C63 Art4 effective 08/01/2023
  • Minn. Stat. 342.09 Prohibited Adult Use Cannabis Provisions C63 Art1 Sect 9 are effective 07/01/23
  • All DWI's whether auto, ATV, snowmobile, OHV now charged under 169A.20.1
  • 169A.20.1 amended 2021 SS1 C6 Art 3 S7 effect 07/01. MNCJSS, MNCIS e Charging in sync as of 07/14
  • Note: 609.685.3 Underage use, possession of tobacco or tobacco delivery devices was repealed 08/01
  • Violations of Executive Order 20-81 are administrative rules and should not be coded as statute
  • Both administrative offense codes are effective 7/25/2020
  • 20-81.20(b)(ii) Face Covering Executive Order 20-81 – Bus. Owner/Mgr/Svr Fail to Comply - R116706
  • 20-81.20(a) Face Covering Executive Order 20-81 - Individual Willful Violation. Ref. id R116705
  • 2020 Session Law c71 art 2, s 26, subd. 3 coded with charge at 71.2.26(3) effective 03/29/2020
  • Notice: UI & web services moving to 2016 Servers Tues. 11/05/2019 @ 1:30 Minimal downtime may occur
  • New hands free while driving law in effect 08/01/2019 is at 169.475.2(a)(1), (a)(2) and (a)(3)
  • 609.795.1(3) Supreme Ct ruled unconstitutional A17-1161, effective 07/02/2019. New Codes Subd. 1
  • 609.749.2(6) Supreme Ct held unconstitutional A17-1161, effective 07/02/2019. New Codes for Subd 2
  • Nonviolent Controlled Substance Offender Review Indicator added/released to Production on 12/18/2018
  • Wild Life Restitution Indicator added and released to Production on 12/18/2018
  • 2018 Payables Updates were put in 12/13 and 12/14
  • Qualified Domestic Violence Related (QDVR Flag has been applied to all expired statutes on 10/4/2017
  • New (Qualified Domestic Violence Related) QDVR Flag applied to In Effect Statutes on 05.03.2017
  • New Sentencing Guidelines Drug Severity Levels applied on 03/17/2017
  • New Enhancements only in Webservice V6 schema. Please update to utilize QDVR & Drug Severity Level
  • New Enhancement available 02/01/2017 - Statute Function ID is now displayed on Function tab.
  • New Enhancement available 02/01/2017 - QDVR Flag will be populated soon.
  • New Enhancement available 02/01/2017 - Drug Offense Severity Level will be populated soon.
  • New enhancements released into production on 02/01/2017.
  • 152.025 penalty statutes coded Subd. 4(a) and 4(b) at request of Revisor as subd 3 prev. repealed
  • Seatbelt statute 169.686.1(a) was amended 2nd time by Legislature effective 08/01/2016
  • 609.2231.11(a) Statute ID14644 expires 08/01/2016 new Statute ID16331 takes its place.
  • Note 609.2231.11(a) inadvertently expired by MNCJSS when Subdivision 1 was expired.
  • Seatbelt statute 169.686.1(a) was amended with day after enactment date. New codes effective 06/01
  • Statute Service Production has been updated to include new NIBRS Codes for Reporting Purposes.
  • The NIBRS codes will be available in the UI, Notifications from subscriptions and new V5 webservice
  • Those using V3 and V4 will not be impacted by the new webservice or schema.
  • 609.21 has been recodified 08/01/2014 to 609.2111, 609.2112, 609.2113 and 609.2114
  • Offense Summary Codes for 609.21.1 changed to JA at DOC request. See Help for more information.
  • Webservice Versions 1 & 2 will be shut down July 31, 2014. Version 3 will continue to be supported.
  • 3rd Violation Indicator Flag has been added. See statute details page or help Pg. 20 for info.
  • New features include ability to search by statute ID and flags.
  • JPO offense level has been determined as not a valid offense level. Do not use as offense level.
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