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Statute database was last updated on 5/02/2024 12:53 PM


  • All DWI's whether auto, ATV, snowmobile, OHV now charged under 169A.20.1
  • 169A.20.1 amended 2021 SS1 C6 Art 3 S7 effect 07/01. MNCJSS, MNCIS e Charging in sync as of 07/14
  • Note: 609.685.3 Underage use, possession of tobacco or tobacco delivery devices was repealed 08/01
  • Violations of Executive Order 20-81 are administrative rules and should not be coded as statute
  • Both administrative offense codes are effective 7/25/2020
  • 20-81.20(b)(ii) Face Covering Executive Order 20-81 – Bus. Owner/Mgr/Svr Fail to Comply - R116706
  • 20-81.20(a) Face Covering Executive Order 20-81 - Individual Willful Violation. Ref. id R116705
  • Notice: UI & web services moving to 2016 Servers Tues. 11/05/2019 at 1:30 Minimal downtime may occur
  • New hands free while driving law in effect 08/01/2019 is at 169.475.2(a)(1), (a)(2) and (a)(3)
  • 609.795.1(3) Supreme Ct ruled unconstitutional A17-1161, effective 07/02/2019. New Codes Subd. 1
  • 609.749.2(6) Supreme Ct held unconstitutional A17-1161, effective 07/02/2019. New Codes for Subd 2
  • Nonviolent Controlled Substance Offender Review Indicator added/released to Production on 12/18/2018
  • Wild Life Restitution Indicator added and released to Production on 12/18/2018
  • 2018 Payables Updates were put in 12/13 and 12/14